3.3.4 address_control_next

Configures the DRAM address parameters. Use the DRAM device data sheet or Serial Presence Detect (SPD)-derived values to assist in programming these values.

The address_control_next register characteristics are:
Usage constraints
Can be read from when in ALL states. Can be written to when in ALL states.
There is only one DMC configuration.
The following figure shows the bit assignments.
Figure 3-4 address_control_next register bit assignments
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The following shows the bit assignments.
[31:29] Reserved_5
Unused bits
[28] bank_hash_enable_next
Configures the bank hash function used in system address decode. Used to alter traffic distribution across banks.
[27:26] Reserved_4
Unused bits
[25:24] rank_bits_next
Program to match the number of active ranks to be addressed.
[23:19] Reserved_3
Unused bits
[18:16] bank_bits_next
Program to match the number of banks per chip-select (rank) on the attached DRAM device.


This number corresponds to the sum total of all banks in all bank groups (where applicable) on a device.
[15:11] Reserved_2
Unused bits
[10:8] row_bits_next
Program to match the number of row bits on the attached DRAM device.
[7:3] Reserved_1
Unused bits
[2:0] column_bits_next
Program to match the number of column address bits present on the DRAM device.
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