3.3.179 failed_access_int_info_31_00

Shows information relating to the interrupt

The failed_access_int_info_31_00 register characteristics are:
Usage constraints
Can be read from when in ALL states. Cannot be changed.
There is only one DMC configuration.
The following figure shows the bit assignments.
Figure 3-179 failed_access_int_info_31_00 register bit assignments
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The following shows the bit assignments.
[31:23] Reserved_1
Unused bits
[22] failed_access_int_info_rank_masked
Access to a masked rank.
[21] failed_access_int_info_unmapped
Access to an unmapped (reserved) system address location.
[20] failed_access_int_tz_fail
Access failed the security checks of the matching regions
[19] failed_access_int_info_outside_default
Access to a memory address location greater than the maximum address of the default region
[18:10] failed_access_int_info_source_region
Address region of the failed access. The lower 8 bits map to address regions 0 to 7. The upper bit maps to the default region.
[9] failed_access_int_info_write
Direction of the failed access. When HIGH the access is a write.
[8] failed_access_int_info_ns
Security setting of the failed access. When HIGH the access is Non-secure.
[7:1] failed_access_int_info_source_id
Source ID of the failed access
[0] failed_access_int_info_30_00_valid
Indicates if an overflow (single interrupt overflow, or multiple interrupt overflow) has occurred and whether the interrupt information is valid. One indicates it is valid and that no overflow has occurred.
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