3.3.297 t_parity_now

Parity latencies t_parinlat and t_completion.

The t_parity_now register characteristics are:
Usage constraints
Can be read from when in ALL states. Cannot be written to and only updated when in CONFIG, LOW-POWER or PAUSED states.
There is only one DMC configuration.
The following figure shows the bit assignments.
Figure 3-297 t_parity_now register bit assignments
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The following shows the bit assignments.
[31:14] Reserved_2
Unused bits
[13:8] t_completion_now
Determines the DMC clock cycle delay between when the dfi_cs_n signal is asserted and the cycle in which that command can be considered complete. In programming this value, you must consider the DFI timing parameters t_wrdata_delay, t_error_resp, t_crcmax_lat, and t_phyrdlatmax to ensure all have expired, where applicable, within t_completion cycles. The supported range for this bitfield is 9-60.
[7:2] Reserved_1
Unused bits
[1:0] t_parin_lat_now
Specifies the number of DFI clocks between when the dfi_cs_n signal is asserted and when the associated dfi_parity_in signal is driven. The supported range for this bitfield is 0-3.
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