1.2 Compliance

The CCN-502 implements the AMBA® 5 CHI architecture and complies with the AMBA AXI4 and ACE protocol.

This TRM complements architecture reference manuals, architecture specifications, protocol specifications, and relevant external standards. It does not duplicate information from these sources.

AMBA 5 CHI architecture

The CCN-502 implements the AMBA 5 CHI architecture. This architecture provides the following capabilities:

  • High-performance coherence protocol.
  • Packet-based communication.
  • Four channels:
    • Request (REQ).
    • Response (RSP).
    • Snoop (SNP).
    • Data (DAT).
  • Wire and buffer scalability to provide the required bandwidth and storage in coherent systems.
  • Credited end-to-end protocol-layer flow-control with retry-once mechanism for flexible bandwidth and resource allocation.
  • Integrated end-to-end Quality-of-Service (QoS) capabilities.

See the ARM® AMBA® 5 CHI Architecture Specification for more information.

AMBA AXI4 and ACE protocol

The CCN-502 complies with the AMBA AXI4 and ACE protocol. See the ARM® AMBA® AXI and ACE Protocol Specification for more information.

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