3.1.2 Node type IDs

Each 64K subregion in the CCN-502 system register map includes an oly_id field in the applicable component Identification register that identifies the node type of the owner for that specific 64K subregion.

The following table shows how the IDs are mapped to node types.

Table 3-3 Mapping of ID to node type

ID Node type
0x00 Invalid node
0x01 MN
0x02 DT
0x03 Reserved
0x04 HN-F
0x05 HN-I
0x06-0x07 Reserved
0x08 XP
0x09-0x0B Reserved
0x0D-0x13 Reserved
0x14 RN-I with 1 ACE-Lite interface
0x15 RN-I with 2 ACE-Lite interfaces
0x16 RN-I with 3 ACE-Lite interfaces
0x17 Reserved
0x18 RN-I with 1 ACE-Lite+DVM interface
0x19 RN-I with 2 ACE-Lite+DVM interfaces
0x1A RN-I with 3 ACE-Lite+DVM interfaces
0x1B-0x1F Reserved
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