3.1 About the programmers model

The following information applies to the CCN-502 registers:

  • The base address is not fixed, and can be different for any particular system implementation. The offset of each register from the base address is fixed.
  • All CCN-502 registers are 64-bit.
  • Unless otherwise stated in the accompanying text:
    • Do not modify undefined register bits.
    • Ignore undefined register bits on reads.
    • All register bits are reset to a logic 0 by a system or powerup reset.
  • The tables in 3.2 Register summary describe access types as follows:
    RWRead and write.
    RORead only.
    WOWrite only.
    RAZRead as zero.
    WIWrite ignored.

3.3 Register descriptions describe the configuration registers included in each type of component in a CCN-502 system. The overall configuration register space is determined by the specific product implementation, with inclusion or exclusion of protocol bridges being the main distinction.

Each of the register descriptions is identical for all instances of that component, except for the identification registers. Each component contains all the registers included in its type, but the register space for each component is contained within a 64KB region specific to that component.

The exception to the identical register space across all instances of a specific component is in the node_id field in the identification registers (*_oly_id) included in all CCN-502 components. This field is different for each component instance in a CCN-502 system. The value for the node_id field in the component registers is set to 0x0, although the actual value for the specific component instances can differ, depending on the configuration and topology.

This section contains the following subsections:
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