6.3.6 HN-F PMU event summary

The HN-F PMU events are summarized in a table.

The following table shows a summary of the HN-F PMU events.

Table 6-2 HN-F PMU event summary

Number Name Description
1 PMU_HN_CACHE_MISS_EVENT The number of cache misses.
2 PMU_HNL3_SF_CACHE_ACCESS_EVENT The number of cache accesses.
3 PMU_HN_CACHE_FILL_EVENT The number of allocations in HN-F L3 cache.
4 PMU_HN_POCQ_RETRY_EVENT The number of requests that have been retried.
5 PMU_HN_POCQ_REQS_RECVD_EVENT The number of requests received by the HN-F.
6 PMU_HN_SF_HIT_EVENT The number of snoop filter hits.
7 PMU_HN_SF_EVICTIONS_EVENT The number of snoop filter evictions.
8 PMU_HN_SNOOPS_SENT_EVENT The number of snoops sent. Does not differentiate between broadcast or directed snoops.
9 PMU_HN_SNOOPS_BROADCAST_EVENT The number of snoop broadcasts sent.
10 PMU_HN_MC_RETRIES_EVENT The number of requests that retried to the memory controller.
11 PMU_HN_MC_REQS_EVENT The number of requests sent to the memory controller.
12 PMU_HN_QOS_HH_RETRY How often a HighHigh QoS request is retried.
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