A.9 ACE-Lite and AXI interface signals

This section describes the ACE-Lite and AXI interface signals.


All signal names in this section consist of a root name, RootName. The CCN-502 interfaces use RootName within a more fully specified signal name as follows:

  • CCN-502 ACE-Lite and AXI interface signal name == RootName_[S|M]<#a>_NID#b, where:

    S|MDefines either a slave or master interface.
    #aDefines an optional interface identifier for a node that can support multiple AMBA interfaces.
    #bDefines the node ID corresponding to the specific interface.

Multi-bit signals append the bit-range identifier included in the RootName to the end of the full signal name.

This section contains the following subsections:
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