1.7.6 Miscellaneous functions [ALPHA]

The C++ Thread Porting API provides functions in the <arm-tpl.h> header file.


This topic describes an [ALPHA] feature. See Support level definitions.


typedef volatile unsigned long __ARM_TPL_exec_once_flag;


void __ARM_TPL_execute_once(__ARM_TPL_exec_once_flag *__flag, void(*__func)(void));


The first invocation of the __ARM_TPL_execute_once() function by any thread within the current process for a given __func argument must result in a call to the __func() routine. Subsequent calls to __ARM_TPL_execute_once() for the same __func argument must not have any effect. The argument __flag can be used to determine whether the routine __func has already been invoked or not.


This function must return void.

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