6.4.9 Load/store hardware prefetcher

The Load/store unit includes a hardware prefetcher that is responsible for generating prefetches targeting both the L1D cache and L2 cache.

Prefetching on loads

The load side prefetcher uses a hybrid mechanism which is based on both physical-address (PA) and virtual-address (VA) prefetching to either or both of the L1D cache and L2 cache, depending on the memory access patterns.

Prefetching on stores

Prefetching on store accesses is managed by a PA based prefetcher and only prefetches to the L2 cache.
The Load/Store HW prefetcher can be controlled in the following manner using software programmable bits:
  1. Disable the Load/Store HW prefetcher:
    The load/store HW prefetcher can be disabled by setting the CPUACTLR_EL1 bit [56].
  2. Disable VA based prefetch:
    Prefetching using VA can be disabled by setting the CPUACTLR_EL1 bit [43]. When set, prefetch is restricted to within the page boundary of the demand request triggering that triggers the prefetch.
  3. Disable prefetch on store:
    Prefetching on stores can be disabled by setting the CPUACTLR_EL1 bit [42].
  4. Maximum load prefetch distance to L2:
    You can control the maximum prefetch distance to the L2, for load side prefetching, by programming bits [33:32] of the CPUECTLR_EL1 register.
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