A.9.2 Transmit request virtual channel signals

The following table shows the transmit request virtual channel signals for the CHI interface.

Table A-10 Transmit request virtual channel signals

Signal Type Description
TXREQFLITPEND Output Transmit request flit pending.
TXREQFLITV Output Transmit request flit valid.
TXREQFLIT[99:0] Output Transmit request flit payload.a
TXREQLCRDV Input Transmit request link-layer credit valid.
REQMEMATTR[7:0] Output
Transmit request raw memory attributes:
[7]Outer Shareable.
[6:3]Outer memory attribute in MAIR format.
[2]Inner Shareable.
0b01Normal Non-cacheable.
0b10Normal Write-Through.
0b11Normal Write-Back.
a TXREQFLIT[MemAttr] allocation hints based on outer memory attributes from MMU.
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