A.9.8 System address map signals

The following table shows the system address map signals for the CHI interface. The SAM* signals are only sampled during powerup reset of the processor.

Table A-16 System address map signals

Signal Type Description
SAMMNBASE[43:24] Input MN base address.
SAMADDRMAP0[1:0] Input
0 to 512MB region mapping.
Encoding for all SAMADDRMAPx[1:0] signals:
SAMADDRMAP1[1:0] Input 512MB to 1GB region mapping.
SAMADDRMAP2[1:0] Input 1GB to 1.5GB region mapping.
SAMADDRMAP3[1:0] Input 1.5GB to 2GB region mapping.
SAMADDRMAP4[1:0] Input 2GB to 2.5GB region mapping.
SAMADDRMAP5[1:0] Input 2.5GB to 3GB region mapping.
SAMADDRMAP6[1:0] Input 3GB to 3.5GB region mapping.
SAMADDRMAP7[1:0] Input 3.5GB to 4GB region mapping.
SAMADDRMAP8[1:0] Input 4GB to 8GB region mapping.
SAMADDRMAP9[1:0] Input 8GB to 16GB region mapping.
SAMADDRMAP10[1:0] Input 16GB to 32GB region mapping.
SAMADDRMAP11[1:0] Input 32GB to 64GB region mapping.
SAMADDRMAP12[1:0] Input 64GB to 128GB region mapping.
SAMADDRMAP13[1:0] Input 128GB to 256GB region mapping.
SAMADDRMAP14[1:0] Input 256GB to 512GB region mapping.
SAMADDRMAP15[1:0] Input 512GB to 1TB region mapping.
SAMADDRMAP16[1:0] Input 1TB to 2TB region mapping.
SAMADDRMAP17[1:0] Input 2TB to 4TB region mapping.
SAMADDRMAP18[1:0] Input 4TB to 8TB region mapping.
SAMADDRMAP19[1:0] Input 8TB to 16TB region mapping.
SAMMNNODEID[6:0] Input MN node ID.
SAMHNI0NODEID[6:0] Input HN-I 0 node ID.
SAMHNI1NODEID[6:0] Input HN-I 1 node ID.
SAMHNF0NODEID[6:0] Input HN-F 0 node ID.
SAMHNF1NODEID[6:0] Input HN-F 1 node ID.
SAMHNF2NODEID[6:0] Input HN-F 2 node ID.
SAMHNF3NODEID[6:0] Input HN-F 3 node ID.
SAMHNF4NODEID[6:0] Input HN-F 4 node ID.
SAMHNF5NODEID[6:0] Input HN-F 5 node ID.
SAMHNF6NODEID[6:0] Input HN-F 6 node ID.
SAMHNF7NODEID[6:0] Input HN-F 7 node ID.
HN-F interleaving mode:
0b0001 HN-F.
0b0012 HN-Fs.
0b0104 HN-Fs.
0b1008 HN-Fs.
All other values are reserved.
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