A.10.5 Read address channel signals

The following table shows the read address channel signals for the ACE interface.

Table A-21 Read address channel signals

Signal Type Description
ARREADYM Input Read address ready.
ARVALIDM Output Read address valid.
ARIDM[6:0] Output Read request ID.
ARADDRM[43:0] Output Read address.
ARLENM[7:0] Output Read burst length. ARLENM[7:2] is always 0b000000.
ARSIZEM[2:0] Output Read burst size.
ARBURSTM[1:0] Output Burst type.
ARBARM[1:0] Output Read barrier type.
ARDOMAINM[1:0] Output Read shareability domain type.
ARLOCKM Output Read lock type.
ARCACHEM[3:0] Output Read cache type.a
ARPROTM[2:0] Output Read protection type.
ARSNOOPM[3:0] Output Read snoop request type.
RDMEMATTR[7:0] Output Read request raw memory attributes:
[7]Outer Shareable.
[6:3]Outer memory attribute in MAIR format.
[2]Inner Shareable.
0b01Normal Non-cacheable.
0b10Normal Write-Through.
0b11Normal Write-Back.
a Allocation hints based on outer memory attributes from the MMU.
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