4.2.5 Skyboxes in Unity

Skyboxes are often used in games and other applications, there are several methods to implement them.

You can draw a skybox by rendering the background of the camera using a single cubemap.
This requires one cubemap texture and one draw call. This uses less memory, memory bandwidth, and draw calls, compared to other methods.
To set up a skybox using this method:
  1. Select the camera.
  2. Ensure Clear Flags is set to Skybox.
  3. Select or add a skybox component.
The skybox component has one spot for a material. This is the material that Unity uses to draw the background of your camera at the start of each frame.
The material you use is the one that contains all the information you require. Create a material using the Mobile > Skybox shader and fill the six images of the Skybox with the material. Your material preview displays an image.
When you have completed the material, drag it into the skybox component. Your skybox renders in the background correctly, without any obvious seams or unnecessary draw calls.
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