6.1.9 Fragment Shaders

The fragment shader is the graphics pipeline stage after primitive rasterization.

For each sample of the pixels covered by a primitive, a fragment is generated. The fragment shader code is executed for each generated fragment. There are many more fragments than vertices so you must take care about the number of operations performed in the fragment shader.
In the fragment shader you can access the fragment coordinates in the windows space among other values that contains all interpolated per-vertex output values from the vertex shader.
In the shader example in 6.1.2 Shader structure, the fragment shader receives the interpolated texture coordinates from the vertex shader and performs a texture lookup to obtain the color at these coordinates. It combines this color with the ambient color to produce the final output color. From the declaration of the fragment shader float4 frag(vertexOutput input) : COLOR it is clear that it is expected to produce the fragment color. The fragment shader is where you do the operations to achieve the required effect. This ultimately consists of assigning the correct color to a fragment.
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