6.1.4 Includes

It is possible to add include files in the shader to make use of Unity predefined variables and helper functions.

You can see the available includes in C:\Program Files \Unity\Editor\Data\CGIncludes. For example, in the include UnityCG.cginc you can find several useful helper functions and macros used in many standard shaders. To use them declare the include in your shader.
A number of Unity built-in variables are available to shaders. They are located in the include UnityShaderVariables.cginc. You are not required to include this file in your shader because Unity does this automatically. Several useful transformation matrices and magnitudes are directly available in the shaders. It is important to know all of these to avoid duplicating the work. For example, before considering how to pass a matrix to the shader, camera position or projection parameters or light parameters, check if an include already provides this.
To improve performance, it is sometimes preferable to execute an operation in the CPU and pass the result to the GPU instead of executing it in the vertex shader for every vertex. For example, this is the case of multiplications of matrix uniforms. This is the reason why Unity made available for us as built-in uniforms several compound matrices. Some of the important Unity shader built-in values are shown in the following table:

Table 6-1 Important Unity shader built-in values

Built-in Uniform
UNITY_MATRIX_V Current view matrix
UNITY_MATRIX_P Current projection matrix
Object2World Current model matrix
_World2Object Inverse of current world matrix
UNITY_MATRIX_VP Current view * projection matrix
UNITY_MATRIX_MV Current model * view matrix
UNITY_MATRIX_MVP Current model * view * projection matrix
UNITY_MATRIX_IT_MV Invert transpose of current model * view matrix
_WorldSpaceCameraPos Camera position in world space
_ProjectionParams Near and far planes and 1/farPlane as components of a vector
_Time Current time and fractions in a vector (t/20, t, t*2, t*3)
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