3.3 The Unity Frame Debugger

The Frame Debugger is a profiling tool that enables you to trace draw calls on a frame-by-frame basis.

The Frame Debugger is available from the Window menu.
The left pane shows the tree of draw calls issued in the frame.
In the right pane it shows additional information related to the selected draw call, such as geometry details and the shader that draws it.
The following figure shows a Phoenix object in the Frame Debugger:
Figure 3-3 Frame Debugger

If the camera is rendering to a target at the selected draw call, you can visualize the rendered texture in the Game View.
The following figure shows a Phoenix object in the Game View:
Figure 3-4 Frame Debugger Game View

For a description of how to increase the performance of a game by using the Frame Debugger to help optimize the rendering order of objects, see 4.2.9 Specify the rendering order.
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