5.2.3 Baking light maps

Enlighten can generate baked light maps that contain direct lighting, indirect lighting and ambient occlusion. The indirect light map is generated based on the real-time results and these are up-sampled and filtered to produce high quality output.

You can also enable the final gather stage that uses the baked light maps as input, and Enlighten calculates another, final light bounce, with the precision bound by the bake pixel resolution. This step uses the standard baked light maps as input, so only consider switching to final gather when you are happy with the lighting in your scene.
Both the real-time and baked lighting can be combined. In Unity this is exposed on a per-light setting. Both types of lighting can contribute to the indirect lighting, making them blend together well.
The following figure shows light map baking settings:
Figure 5-10 Light map baking settings

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