C1.1.4 System Control Space registers

The processor provides debug through registers in the System Control Space (SCS).

SCS CoreSight™ identification

The following table shows the SCS CoreSight™ identification registers and values for debugger detection. Final debugger identification of the Cortex®‑M33 processor is through the CPUID register in the SCS.

Table C1-3 SCS identification values

Address offset Register name Reset value Description
0xE000EFD0 SCS_PIDR4 0x00000004 Component and Peripheral ID register formats in the Armv8‑M Architecture Reference Manual
0xE000EFD4 SCS_PIDR5 0x00000000
0xE000EFD8 SCS_PIDR6 0x00000000
0xE000EFDC SCS_PIDR7 0x00000000
0xE000EFE0 SCS_PIDR0 0x00000021
0xE000EFE4 SCS_PIDR1 0x000000BD
0xE000EFE8 SCS_PIDR2 0x0000000B
0xE000EFEC SCS_PIDR3 0x00000000a
0xE000EFF0 SCS_CIDR0 0x0000000D
0xE000EFF4 SCS_CIDR1 0x00000090
0xE000EFF8 SCS_CIDR2 0x00000005
0xE000EFFC SCS_CIDR3 0x000000B1
0xE000EFBC SCS_DEVARCH 0x47702A04
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