A1.1 About the processor

The Cortex®‑M33 processor is a low gate count, highly energy efficient processor that is intended for microcontroller and deeply embedded applications. The processor is based on the Armv8‑M architecture and is primarily for use in environments where security is an important consideration.

The interfaces that the processor supports include:

  • Code AHB (C-AHB) interface.
  • System AHB (S-AHB) interface.
  • External PPB (EPPB) APB interface.
  • Debug AHB (D-AHB) interface.

The processor has optional:

  • Arm® TrustZone® technology, using the Armv8‑M Security Extension supporting Secure and Non-secure states.
  • Memory Protection Units (MPUs), which you can configure to protect regions of memory.
  • Floating-point arithmetic functionality with support for single precision arithmetic.
  • Support for ETM and MTB trace.

The processor is highly configurable and is intended for a wide range of high-performance, deeply embedded applications that require fast interrupt response features.

The following figure shows the processor in a typical system.

Figure A1-1 Example processor system
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