C1.1.3 Processor ROM table identification and entries

The ROM table identification registers and values that the following table shows allow debuggers to identify the processor and its debug capabilities.

Table C1-1 Cortex®‑M33 Processor ROM table identification values

Address offset Register Value Description
0xE00FFFD0 PIDR4 0x00000004

Component and Peripheral ID register formats in the Armv8‑M Architecture Reference Manual

0xE00FFFD4 PIDR5 0x00000000
0xE00FFFD8 PIDR6 0x00000000
0xE00FFFDC PIDR7 0x00000000
0xE00FFFE0 PIDR0 0x000000C9
0xE00FFFE4 PIDR1 0x000000B4
0xE00FFFE8 PIDR2 0x0000000B
0xE00FFFEC PIDR3 0x00000000a
0xE00FFFF0 CIDR0 0x0000000D
0xE00FFFF4 CIDR1 0x00000010
0xE00FFFF8 CIDR2 0x00000005
0xE00FFFFC CIDR3 0x000000B1

These values for the Peripheral ID registers identify this as the Cortex‑M33 Processor ROM table. The Component ID registers identify this as a CoreSight™ ROM table.


The Cortex‑M33 Processor ROM table only supports word-size transactions.

The following table shows the CoreSight components that the Cortex‑M33 Processor ROM table points to.

Table C1-2 Cortex‑M33 Processor ROM table components

Address Component Value Description
0xE00FF000 SCS 0xFFF0F003. See System Control.
0xE00FF004 DWT 0xFFF02003.

Reads as 0xFFF02002 if the DWT is not implemented.

0xE00FF008 BPU 0xFFF03003.

Reads as 0xFFF03002 if the BPU is not implemented.

0xE00FF00C ITM 0xFFF01003.

Reads as 0xFFF01002 if the ITM is not implemented.

See ITM.
0xE00FF014 ETM 0xFFF42003.

Reads as 0xFFF42002 if the ETM is not implemented.

See the Arm® CoreSight™ ETM-Cortex®‑M33 Technical Reference Manual
0xE00FF018 CTI 0xFFF43003.

Reads as 0xFFF43002 if the CTI is not implemented.

See CTI.
0xE00FF01C MTB 0xFFF44003.

Reads as 0xFFF44002 if the MTB is not implemented.

See MTB.
0xE00FF020-0xE00FFFC8 Reserved 0x00000000. See the Arm® CoreSight™ Architecture Specification (v2.0)
0xE00FFFCC SYSTEM ACCESS 0x00000001.

The Cortex‑M33 Processor ROM table entries point to the debug components of the processor. The offset for each entry is the offset of that component from the ROM table base address, 0xE00FF000.

See the Arm® CoreSight™ Architecture Specification (v2.0) for more information about the ROM table ID and component registers, and access types.

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