C4.3 CTI programmers model

The following table shows the CTI programmable registers, with address offset, type, and reset value for each register.

See the Arm® CoreSight™ SoC-400 Technical Reference Manual for register descriptions.

Table C4-3 CTI register summary

Address offset Name Type Reset value Description
0xE0042000 CTICONTROL RW 0x00000000 CTI Control Register
0xE0042010 CTIINTACK WO UNKNOWN CTI Interrupt Acknowledge Register
0xE0042014 CTIAPPSET RW 0x00000000 CTI Application Trigger Set Register
0xE0042018 CTIAPPCLEAR RW 0x00000000 CTI Application Trigger Clear Register
0xE004201C CTIAPPPULSE WO UNKNOWN CTI Application Pulse Register
0xE0042020-0xE004203C CTIINEN[7:0] RW 0x00000000 CTI Trigger to Channel Enable Registers
0xE00420A0-0xE00420BC CTIOUTEN[7:0] RW 0x00000000 CTI Channel to Trigger Enable Registers
0xE0042130 CTITRIGINSTATUS RO 0x00000000 CTI Trigger In Status Register
0xE0042134 CTITRIGOUTSTATUS RO 0x00000000 CTI Trigger Out Status Register
0xE0042138 CTICHINSTATUS RO 0x00000000 CTI Channel In Status Register
0xE0042140 CTIGATE RW 0x0000000F Enable CTI Channel Gate register
0xE0042144 ASICCTL RW 0x00000000 External Multiplexer Control register
0xE0042EE4 ITCHOUT WO UNKNOWN Integration Test Channel Output register
0xE0042EE8 ITTRIGOUT WO UNKNOWN Integration Test Trigger Output register
0xE0042EF4 ITCHIN RO 0x00000000 Integration Test Channel Input register
0xE0042F00 ITCTRL RW 0x00000000 Integration Mode Control register
0xE0042FC8 DEVID RO 0x00040800 Device Configuration register
0xE0042FBC DEVARCH RO 0x47701A14 Device Architecture register
0xE0042FCC DEVTYPE RO 0x00000014 Device Type Identifier register
0xE0042FD0 PIDR4 RO 0x00000004 Peripheral ID4 Register
0xE0042FD4 PIDR5 RO 0x00000000 Peripheral ID5 Register
0xE0042FD8 PIDR6 RO 0x00000000 Peripheral ID6 Register
0xE0042FDC PIDR7 RO 0x00000000 Peripheral ID7 Register
0xE0042FE0 PIDR0 RO 0x00000021 Peripheral ID0 Register
0xE0042FE4 PIDR1 RO 0x000000BD Peripheral ID1 Register
0xE0042FE8 PIDR2 RO 0x0000000B Peripheral ID2 Register
0xE0042FEC PIDR3 RO 0x00000000a Peripheral ID3 Register
0xE0042FF0 CIDR0 RO 0x0000000D Component ID0 Register
0xE0042FF4 CIDR1 RO 0x00000090 Component ID1 Register
0xE0042FF8 CIDR2 RO 0x00000005 Component ID2 Register
0xE0042FFC CIDR3 RO 0x000000B1 Component ID3 Register
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