A.3.1 AHB-AP register summary

The following table shows the AHB-AP register summary.

Table A-2 AHB-AP register summary

Offset Type Reset value Name
0x00 RW 0x03000000 AHB-AP Control/Status Word register, CSW, 0x00
0x04 RW - AHB-AP Transfer Address Register, TAR, 0x04
0x08 - - Reserved, RAZ/SBZP
0x0C RW - AHB-AP Data Read/Write register, DRW, 0x0C
0x10 RW - AHB-AP Banked Data registers, BD0-BD03, 0x10-0x1C
0x14 RW -
0x18 RW -
0x1C RW -
0x20-0xF3 - - Reserved, RAZ/SBZP
0xF4 RO 0x00000000

AHB-AP Configuration register, CFG, 0xF4

0xF8 RO

implementation defined

AHB-AP Debug Base Address register, ROM, 0xF8
0xFC RO 0x04770051 AHB-AP Identification Register, IDR, 0xFC
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