B.3.2 Formatter and Flush Status Register

The Formatter and Flush Status Register, TPIU_FFSR, indicates the status of the TPIU formatter.

Usage constraints
There are no usage constraints.
Available in all configurations.
See Table   B-1 TPIU registers.

The following figure shows the TPIU_FFSR bit assignments.

Figure B-3 TPIU_FFSR bit assignments
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The following table shows the TPIU_FFSR bit assignments.

Table B-3 TPIU_FFSR bit assignments

Bits Name Function
[31:4] - Reserved
[3] FtNonStop Formatter cannot be stopped
[2] TCPresent This bit always reads zero
[1] FtStopped This bit always reads zero
[0] FlInProg Read only. Flush in progress. Value can be:
0When all the data received, before the flush is acknowledged, has been output on the trace port
1When a flush is initiated.
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