lbl.part C Debug and trace components

Table of Contents

C1 Debug
C1.1 Debug functionality
C1.1.1 CoreSight™ discovery
C1.1.2 Debugger actions for identifying the processor
C1.1.3 Processor ROM table identification and entries
C1.1.4 System Control Space registers
C1.1.5 Debug register summary
C1.2 About the D-AHB interface
C2 Instrumentation Trace Macrocell Unit
C2.1 ITM programmers model
C2.1.1 ITM register summary table
C2.1.2 ITM Trace Privilege Register
C2.1.3 ITM Integration Mode Control Register
C2.1.4 Integration Mode Write ATB Valid Register
C2.1.5 Integration Mode Read ATB Ready Register
C3 Data Watchpoint and Trace Unit
C3.1 DWT functional description
C3.2 DWT programmers model
C4 Cross Trigger Interface
C4.1 About the Cross Trigger Interface
C4.2 CTI functional description
C4.3 CTI programmers model
C5 Breakpoint Unit
C5.1 About the Breakpoint Unit
C5.2 BPU programmers model
C5.3 BPU functional description
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