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This book is for the CoreSight Embedded Trace Macrocell™ for the Cortex®‑M33 processor. You implement ETM-M33 with the Cortex‑M33 processor. In this manual, in general, any reference to the processor applies to the Cortex‑M33 processor, as appropriate.

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Intended audience

This book is written for designers of development tools providing support for ETM functionality and hardware and software engineers integrating the macrocell into an ASIC that includes a Cortex®‑M33 processor. Implementation-specific behavior is described in this document. You can find complementary information in the ARM® Embedded Trace Macrocell Architecture Specification ETMv4 and ARM® Cortex®‑M33 Integration and Implementation Manual.

Additional reading

This book contains information that is specific to this product. See the following documents for other relevant information.

ARM publications
  • ARM® Cortex®‑M33 Processor Technical Reference Manual (ARM 100230).
  • ARM® CoreSight™ DAP-Lite Technical Reference Manual (ARM DDI 0316).
  • ARM® CoreSight™ SoC-400 Technical Reference Manual (ARM DDI 0480).
  • ARM® CoreSight™ SoC-400 User Guide (ARM DUI 0563).
  • ARM® CoreSight™ Architecture Specification v2.0 (ARM IHI 0029).
  • ARM® CoreSight™ Technology System Design Guide (ARM DGI 0012)
  • AMBA® APB Protocol Version 2.0 Specification (ARM IHI 0024).
  • ARM® AMBA® 4 ATB Protocol Specification ATBv1.0 and ATBv1.1 (ARM IHI 0032).
  • ARM® Embedded Trace Macrocell Architecture Specification ETMv4 (ARM IHI 0064).

The following confidential books are only available to licensees:

  • ARM® Cortex®‑M33 Processor Integration and Implementation Manual (ARM 100323).
  • ARM® CoreSight™ SoC-400 Implementation Guide (ARM DDI 0267).
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