B1.23 Resource Selection Registers 2-3

The TRCRSCTLRn controls the trace resources.

Usage constraints
There are no usage constraints.
Available in all configurations.
See the register summary in Table B1-1 ETM-M33 register summary and Table B1-6 Resource selection register.

The following figure shows the TRCRSCTLRn bit assignments.

Figure B1-26 TRCRSCTLRn bit assignments
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The following table shows the TRCRSCTLRn bit assignments.

Table B1-36 TRCRSCTLRn bit assignments

Bits Name Function
[31:22] - res0.

Inverts the result of a combined pair of resources.

This bit is only implemented on the lower register for a pair of resource selectors.

[20] INV

Inverts the selected resources:

0Resource is not inverted.
1Resource is inverted.
[19] - res0.
[18:16] GROUP

Selects a group of resources.

[15:8] - res0.
[7:0] SELECT

Selects one or more resources from the wanted group. One bit is provided per resource from the group.

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