A1.1 About the CoreSight ETM-M33

Depending on your implementation, the Embedded Trace Macrocell (ETM)-M33 provides non-intrusive program-flow trace for the Cortex®‑M33 processor. ETM-M33 generates information that trace software tools use to reconstruct the execution of all or part of a program.

ETM-M33 implements instruction trace only. ETM-M33 is able to trace:

  • All instructions, including condition code pass/fail.
  • Target addresses of taken direct and indirect branch operations.
  • Exceptions.
  • Entry to and return from debug state when Halting debug-mode is enabled.
  • Cycle counts relating to instruction execution.

ETM-M33 contains resource logic that enables you to control instruction trace. Resource logic includes a single reduced function counter. You specify the exact set of trigger and filter conditions that are required for a particular application.

ETM-M33 is a CoreSight component. For more information about CoreSight, see the ARM® CoreSight™ Architecture Specification v2.0 and ARM® CoreSight™ Technology System Design Guide. For more information about the ETM architecture, see the ARM® Embedded Trace Macrocell Architecture Specification ETMv4.

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