B1.1.1 General control and ID registers

The following table shows the general control and ID registers in numerical order.

Table B1-2 General control and ID registers

Register number Name Base offset Description
1 TRCPRGCTLR 0x004 B1.2 Programming Control Register
3 TRCSTATR 0x00C B1.3 Status Register
4 TRCCONFIGR 0x010 B1.4 Trace Configuration Register
4 TRCAUXCTLR 0x018 B1.5 Auxiliary Control Register
8 TRCEVENTCTL0R 0x020 B1.6 Event Control 0 Register
9 TRCEVENTCTL1R 0x024 B1.7 Event Control 1 Register
11 TRCSTALLCTLR 0x02C B1.8 Stall Control Register
12 TRCTSCTLR 0x030 B1.9 Global Timestamp Control Register
13 TRCSYNCPR 0x034 B1.10 Synchronization Period Register
14 TRCCCCTLR 0x038 B1.11 Cycle Count Control Register
16 TRCTRACEIDR 0x040 B1.12 Trace ID Register
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