B1.1.4 Implementation specific and identification registers

The following table shows the implementation specific and identification registers in numerical order.

Table B1-5 Implementation specific and identification registers

Register number Name Base offset Description
96 TRCIDR8 0x180 B1.15 ID Register 8-13
97 TRCIDR9 0x184
99 TRCIDR11 0x18C
100 TRCIDR12 0x190
101 TRCIDR13 0x194
112 TRCIMSPEC0 0x1C0 B1.16 Implementation Specific Register 0
120 TRCIDR0 0x1E0 B1.17 ID Register 0
121 TRCIDR1 0x1E4 B1.18 ID Register 1
122 TRCIDR2 0x1E8 B1.19 ID Register 2
123 TRCIDR3 0x1EC B1.20 ID Register 3
124 TRCIDR4 0x1F0 B1.21 ID Register 4
125 TRCIDR5 0x1F4 B1.22 ID Register 5
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