B1.1.9 CoreSight management registers

The following table shows the CoreSight management registers in numerical order.

Table B1-10 CoreSight management registers

Register number Name Base offset Description
960 TRCITCTRL 0xF00 B1.29.4 Integration Mode Control Register
1000 TRCCLAIMSET 0xFA0 B1.30 Claim Tag Set Register
1001 TRCCLAIMCLR 0xFA4 B1.31 Claim Tag Clear Register
1006 TRCAUTHSTATUS 0xFB8 B1.32 Authentication Status Register
1007 TRCDEVARCH 0xFBC B1.33 Device Architecture Register
1010 TRCDEVID 0xFC8 B1.34 Device ID Register
1011 TRCDEVTYPE 0xFCC B1.35 Device Type Register
1012-1019 TRCPIDR0-7


B1.36 Peripheral Identification Registers
1020-1023 TRCCIDR0-3


B1.37 Component Identification Registers
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