B1.29.4 Integration Mode Control Register

The TRCITCTRL enables topology detection or integration testing, by putting ETM-M33 into integration mode.

Usage constraints
ARM recommends that you perform a debug reset after using integration mode.
Available in all configurations.
See the register summary in Table B1-1 ETM-M33 register summary and Table B1-10 CoreSight management registers.

The following figure shows the TRCITCTRL bit assignments.

Figure B1-35 TRCITCTRL bit assignments
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The following table shows the TRCITCTRL bit assignments.

Table B1-47 TRCITCTRL bit assignments

Bits Name Function
[31:1] - res0.
[0] IME

Integration mode enable:

0ETM-M33 is not in integration mode. This is the reset value.
1ETM-M33 is in integration mode.
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