B1.37 Component Identification Registers

The TRCCIDR0-3 identifies ETM-M33 as a CoreSight component.

Usage constraints
Only bits[7:0] of each register are used. This means that TRCCIDR0-3 define a single 32-bit Component ID, as The following figure shows.
Available in all configurations.
See the register summary in Table B1-1 ETM-M33 register summary and Table B1-10 CoreSight management registers.

The following figure shows the mapping between TRCCIDR0-3 and the single 64-bit Component ID value.

Figure B1-44 Mapping between TRCCIDR0-3 and the Component ID value
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The following table shows the Component ID bit assignments in the single conceptual Component ID register.

The registers are listed in order of register name, from most significant (TRCCIDR3) to least significant (TRCCIDR0). This does not match the order of the register offsets.

Table B1-55 TRCCIDR0-3 bit assignments

Register Register number Register offset Bits Value Description
TRCCIDR3 0x3FF 0xFFC [31:8] - res0.
[7:0] 0xB1 Component identifier, bits[31:24].
TRCCIDR2 0x3FE 0xFF8 [31:8] - res0.
[7:0] 0x05 Component identifier, bits[23:16].
TRCCIDR1 0x3FD 0xFF4 [31:8] - res0.
[7:4] 0x9 Debug component with CoreSight-compatible registers (component identifier, bits[15:12]).
[3:0] 0x0 Component identifier, bits[11:8].
TRCCIDR0 0x3FC 0xFF0 [31:8] - res0.
[7:0] 0x0D Component identifier, bits[7:0].
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