Part A ETM-M33 Functional Description

Table of Contents

A1 Introduction
A1.1 About the CoreSight ETM-M33
A1.1.1 The CoreSight debug environment
A1.2 Compliance
A1.2.1 Trace macrocell
A1.2.2 Interconnect architecture
A1.3 Features
A1.4 Interfaces
A1.5 Configurable options
A1.6 Test features
A1.7 Design process
A1.8 Documentation
A1.9 Product revisions
A2 Functional Description
A2.1 About the functions
A2.1.1 Processor interface
A2.1.2 Instruction trace generator
A2.1.3 FIFO
A2.1.4 Resources and filtering logic
A2.1.5 ATB interface
A2.1.6 APB interface
A2.1.7 Global timestamping
A2.2 ETMEVENT connectivity
A2.3 Operation
A2.3.1 Implementation defined registers
A2.3.2 Precise ViewInst events
A2.3.3 Parallel instruction execution
A2.3.4 Trace features
A2.3.5 Packet formats
A2.3.6 Resource selection
A2.3.7 Trace flush behavior
A2.3.8 Low-power state behavior
A2.3.9 Cycle counter
A2.3.10 Event tracing and triggers
A3 Programmers Model
A3.1 About the programmers model
A3.2 Modes of operation and execution
A3.2.1 Controlling ETM-M33 programming
A3.2.2 Programming and reading ETM registers
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