A1.4 Supported standards and specifications

The Cortex®‑A32 processor implements the ARMv8-A architecture and some architecture extensions. It also supports various interconnect, interrupt, timer, debug, and trace architectures.

Table A1-3 Compliance with standards and specifications

Architecture specification or standard Version Notes
ARM architecture


  • AArch32 execution state at all Exception levels.
  • A32 and T32 instruction sets.
ARM architecture extensions
  • Advanced SIMD and floating-point support

  • Cryptographic Extension

  • You cannot implement floating-point without Advanced SIMD.
  • You cannot implement the Cryptographic Extension without the Advanced SIMD and floating-point support.
  • AMBA 4 AXI
  • AMBA 4 ACE
  • AMBA 5 CHI
You can also connect the processor to an AMBA 3 AXI interconnect.
Generic Interrupt Controller v4 -
Generic Timer ARMv8-A -
PMU v3 -
Debug ARMv8 -
CoreSight v2 -
Embedded Trace Macrocell ETMv4 -
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