A4.2 Power modes

The processor supports the following power modes:

Normal mode
This is the normal mode of operation in which all of the processor functionality is available. The Cortex®‑A32 processor uses gated clocks to disable inputs to unused functional blocks. Only the logic used to perform an operation consumes any dynamic power.
Standby mode

When a Cortex‑A32 core is in standby mode, it is architecturally clock gated at the top of the clock tree. Each core in the cluster can be put in standby mode separately from the other cores, by executing a Wait for Interrupt (WFI) or Wait for Event (WFE) instruction.

L2 standby mode
When all the cores are in standby mode and the L2 memory system is idle.
Individual core shutdown mode

The PDCPU power domain for an individual core is shut down and the state held in this domain is lost.

Cluster shutdown mode
The PDMINERVA, PDL2, and all PDCPU power domains are shut down and the state held in these domains is lost.
Dormant mode (optional)

All the cores and L2 control logic are powered down while the L2 cache RAMs are powered up and retain state. The RAM blocks that remain powered up during Dormant mode are:

  • L2 tag RAMs.
  • L2 data RAMs.
  • L2 victim RAM.
Retention mode

Contact ARM for information about retention state.

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