A4.7 Powering up an individual core

To power up an individual core, apply the following sequence:

  1. Assert nCPUPORESET LOW. Ensure DBGPWRDUP is held LOW to prevent any external debug access to the core.
  2. Apply power to the PDCPU power domain. Keep the state of the signals nCPUPORESET and DBGPWRDUP LOW.
  3. Release the core output clamps.
  4. Deassert resets.
  5. Set the CPUECTLR.SMPEN bit to 1 to enable snooping into the core.
  6. Assert DBGPWRDUP HIGH to allow external debug access to the core.
  7. If required, use software to restore the state of the core as it was before powerdown.
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