A4.13 Exiting Dormant mode

As part of the exit from Dormant mode to Normal state, the SoC must perform a cold reset sequence. The SoC must assert the reset signals until power is restored. After power is restored, the cluster exits the cold reset sequence, and the architectural state must be restored.

To exit Dormant mode, apply the following sequence:

  1. Apply a normal cold reset sequence. You must apply resets to the cores and the L2 memory system logic until power is restored. During this reset sequence, L2RSTDISABLE must be held HIGH to disable the L2 cache hardware reset mechanism.
  2. When power has been restored, release the L2 cache RAM input clamps.
  3. Continue a normal cold reset sequence with L2RSTDISABLE held HIGH.
  4. The architectural state must be restored, if required.
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