C5.5 Encoding for walk cache

The following table shows the data fields in the walk cache descriptor.

Table C5-10 Walk cache descriptor fields

Bits Name Description
[115:113] Parity bits If CPU cache protection is not implemented, these bits are absent.
[112:83] PA Physical Address of the second, last, translation level.
[82:60] VA Virtual address.
[59] VA sign Virtual address sign bit.
[58:55] - Reserved, must be zero.
[54:39] ASID Address Space Identifier.
[38:31] VMID Virtual Machine Identifier.
[30] NS, walk Security state that the entry was fetched in.
[29:23] - Reserved, must be zero.
[22:19] Domain Valid only if the entry was fetched in VMSAv7 format.
[18:16] Entry size

Memory size to which entry maps:

0b110, 0b01132MB.
[15] NSTable Combined NSTable bits from first and second-level stage 1 tables or NS descriptor (VMSA).
[14] PXNTable Combined PXNTable bits from stage1 descriptors up to last level.
[13] XNTable Combined XNTable bit from stage1 descriptors up to last level.
[12:11] APTable Combined APTable bits from stage1 descriptors up to last level.


Reserved, must be zero.

[9] EL2 Set if the entry was fetched in EL2 mode.
[8:1] Attrs Physical attributes of the final level stage 1 table.
[0] Valid

Valid bit:

0Entry does not contain valid data.
1Entry contains valid data.
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