C1.5 Debug events

A debug event can be either a software debug event or a halting debug event. A core responds to a debug event in one of the following ways: ignores it, takes a debug exception, or enters debug state.

In the processor, watchpoint debug events are always synchronous. Memory hint instructions and cache clean operations, except DC ZVA, DC IVAC, and DCIMVAC, do not generate watchpoint debug events. Store exclusive instructions generate a watchpoint debug event even when the check for the control of exclusive monitor fails. For watchpoint debug events, except those resulting from cache maintenance operations, the value reported in DFAR is guaranteed to be no lower than the address of the watchpointed location rounded down to a multiple of 16 bytes.

The powerup reset signal, nCPUPORESET, sets the Debug OS Lock. For the debug events and debug register accesses to operate normally, the Debug OS Lock must be cleared.

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