B1.3 c1 registers

The processor can access different 32-bit wide system registers. Registers where CRn has the value one are called c1 registers.

The following table shows the 32-bit wide system registers you can access when the processor is in AArch32 state and the value of CRn is c1.

Table B1-3 c1 register summary

Op1 CRm Op2 Name Reset Description
0 c0 0 SCTLR 0x00C50838

B1.105 System Control Register

The reset value depends on inputs, CFGTE, CFGEND, and VINITHI. The value listed here assumes these signals are set to LOW.



B1.32 Auxiliary Control Register

2 CPACR 0x00000000

B1.41 Architectural Feature Access Control Register

c1 0 SCR 0x00000000

B1.104 Secure Configuration Register

1 SDER 0x00000000

B1.107 Secure Debug Enable Register



B1.98 Non-Secure Access Control Register

c3 1 SDCR 0x00000000 B1.106 Secure Debug Control Register
4 c0 0 HSCTLR 0x03C50838

B1.67 Hyp System Control Register

1 HACTLR 0x00000000 B1.55 Hyp Auxiliary Control Register
c1 0 HCR 0x00000000

B1.61 Hyp Configuration Register

1 HDCR 0x00000006

B1.63 Hyp Debug Control Register

2 HCPTR 0x000033FF

B1.60 Hyp Architectural Feature Trap Register

The reset value depends on the FPU and NEON configuration. If Advanced SIMD and floating-point are implemented, the reset value is 0x000033FF. If Advanced SIMD and floating-point are not implemented, the reset value is 0x0000BFFF.

3 HSTR 0x00000000

B1.69 Hyp System Trap Register

4 HCR2 0x00000000 B1.62 Hyp Configuration Register 2
7 HACR 0x00000000 B1.54 Hyp Auxiliary Configuration Register
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