B1.8 c6 registers

The processor can access different 32-bit wide system registers. Registers where CRn has the value six are called c6 registers.

The following table shows the 32-bit wide system registers you can access when the processor is in AArch32 state and the value of CRn is c6.

Table B1-8 c6 register summary

Op1 CRm Op2 Name Reset Description
0 c0 0 DFAR UNK B1.48 Data Fault Address Register
2 IFAR UNK B1.86 Instruction Fault Address Register
4 c0 0 HDFAR UNK B1.64 Hyp Data Fault Address Register

B1.65 Hyp Instruction Fault Address Register

4 HPFAR UNK B1.66 Hyp IPA Fault Address Register
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