B1.97 Multiprocessor Affinity Register

The MPIDR characteristics are:


Provides an additional core identification mechanism for scheduling purposes in a cluster.

EDDEVAFF0 is a read-only copy of MPIDR accessible from the external debug interface.

Usage constraints

This register is accessible as follows:











(SCR.NS = 1)


(SCR.NS = 0)


The MPIDR is mapped to external EDDEVAFF0 register.

There is one copy of this register that is used in both Secure and Non-secure states.

MPIDR is a 32-bit register.
Figure B1-51 MPIDR bit assignments
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M, [31]

Reserved, res1.

U, [30]

Indicates a uniprocessor system, as distinct from core 0 in a multiprocessor system. This value is one of:

0Processor is part of a multiprocessor system. This is the value for implementations with more than one core, and for implementations with an ACE or CHI interface.
1Processor is part of a uniprocessor system. This is the value for single core implementations with an AXI master interface.

Reserved, res0.

MT, [24]

Indicates whether the lowest level of affinity consists of logical cores that are implemented using a multi-threading type approach. This value is:

0Performance of cores at the lowest affinity level is largely independent.
Aff2, [23:16]

Affinity level 2. Second highest level affinity field.

Indicates the value read in the CLUSTERIDAFF2 configuration signal.

Aff1, [15:8]

Affinity level 1. Third highest level affinity field.

Indicates the value read in the CLUSTERIDAFF1 configuration signal.

Aff0, [7:0]

Affinity level 0. Lowest level affinity field.

Indicates the core number in the Cortex®‑A32 processor. The possible values are:

0x0A processor with one core only.
0x0, 0x1A cluster with two cores.
0x0, 0x1, 0x2A cluster with three cores.
0x0, 0x1, 0x2, 0x3A cluster with four cores.

To access the MPIDR:

MRC p15,0,<Rt>,c0,c0,5 ; Read MPIDR into Rt

Register access is encoded as follows:

Table B1-82 MPIDR access encoding

coproc opc1 CRn CRm opc2
1111 000 0000 0000 101

The EDDEVAFF0 can be accessed through the external debug interface, offset 0xFA8.

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