B1.52 Encoding of ISS[24:20] when HSR[31:30] is 0b00

For EC values that are nonzero and have the two most-significant bits 0b00, ISS[24:20] provides the condition field for the trapped instruction, together with a valid flag for this field.

The encoding of this part of the ISS field is:

CV, ISS[24]

Condition valid. Possible values of this bit are:


The COND field is not valid.

1The COND field is valid.

When an instruction is trapped, CV is set to 1.

COND, ISS[23:20]

The Condition field for the trapped instruction. This field is valid only when CV is set to 1.

If CV is set to 0, this field is res0.

When an instruction is trapped, the COND field is set to the condition the instruction was executed with.

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