B1.64 Hyp Data Fault Address Register

The HDFAR characteristics are:

Holds the virtual address of the faulting address that caused a synchronous Data Abort exception that is taken to Hyp mode.
Usage constraints

This register is accessible as follows:











(SCR.NS = 1)

- - - RW RW -

An execution in a Non-secure EL1 state, or in Secure state, makes the HDFAR unknown.


HDFAR (S) is architecturally mapped to DFAR (S). See B1.48 Data Fault Address Register.

HDFAR is a 32-bit register.
Figure B1-20 HDFAR bit assignments
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VA, [31:0]

The Virtual Address of faulting address of synchronous Data Abort exception.

To access the HDFAR:

MRC p15, 4, <Rt>, c6, c0, 0 ; Read HDFAR into Rt
MCR p15, 4, <Rt>, c6, c0, 0 ; Write Rt to HDFAR

Register access is encoded as follows:

Table B1-49 HDFAR access encoding

coproc opc1 CRn CRm opc2
1111 100 0110 0000 000
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