C10.1 ETM register summary

This section summarizes the ETM trace unit registers.

All ETM trace unit registers are 32 bits wide. The description of each register includes its offset from a base address. The base address is defined by the system integrator when placing the ETM trace unit in the Debug-APB memory map.

Table C10-1 ETM trace unit register summary

Name Type Description

C10.2 Programming Control Register

TRCSTATR RO C10.3 Status Register
TRCCONFIGR RW C10.4 Trace Configuration Register
TRCAUXCTLR RW C10.6 Auxiliary Control Register
TRCEVENTCTL0R RW C10.7 Event Control 0 Register
TRCEVENTCTL1R RW C10.8 Event Control 1 Register
TRCSTALLCTLR RW C10.9 Stall Control Register
TRCTSCTLR RW C10.10 Global Timestamp Control Register
TRCSYNCPR RW  C10.11 Synchronization Period Register
TRCCCCTLR RW C10.12 Cycle Count Control Register
TRCBBCTLR RW C10.5 Branch Broadcast Control Register
TRCTRACEIDR RW C10.13 Trace ID Register
TRCVICTLR RW C10.14 ViewInst Main Control Register
TRCVIIECTLR RW C10.15 ViewInst Include-Exclude Control Register
TRCVISSCTLR RW C10.16 ViewInst Start-Stop Control Register
TRCSEQEVR0 RW C10.17 Sequencer State Transition Control Registers 0-2
TRCSEQEVR1 RW C10.17 Sequencer State Transition Control Registers 0-2
TRCSEQEVR2 RW C10.17 Sequencer State Transition Control Registers 0-2
TRCSEQRSTEVR RW C10.18 Sequencer Reset Control Register
TRCSEQSTR RW C10.19 Sequencer State Register
TRCEXTINSELR RW C10.20 External Input Select Register
TRCCNTRLDVR0 RW C10.21 Counter Reload Value Registers 0-1
TRCCNTRLDVR1 RW C10.21 Counter Reload Value Registers 0-1
TRCCNTCTLR0 RW C10.22 Counter Control Register 0
TRCCNTCTLR1 RW C10.23 Counter Control Register 1
TRCCNTVR0 RW C10.24 Counter Value Registers 0-1
TRCCNTVR1 RW C10.24 Counter Value Registers 0-1
TRCIDR8 RO C10.25 ID Register 8
TRCIDR9 RO C10.26 ID Register 9
TRCIDR10 RO C10.27 ID Register 10
TRCIDR11 RO C10.28 ID Register 11
TRCIDR12 RO C10.29 ID Register 12
TRCIDR13 RO C10.30 ID Register 13
TCRIMSPEC0 RW C10.31 Implementation Specific Register 0
TRCIDR0 RO C10.32 ID Register 0
TRCIDR1 RO C10.33 ID Register 1
TRCIDR2 RO C10.34 ID Register 2
TRCIDR3 RO C10.35 ID Register 3
TRCIDR4 RO C10.36 ID Register 4
TRCIDR5 RO C10.37 ID Register 5
TRCRSCTLRn RW C10.38 Resource Selection Control Registers 2-16, n is 2, 15
TRCSSCCR0 RW C10.39 Single-Shot Comparator Control Register 0
TRCSSCSR0 RW, RO C10.40 Single-Shot Comparator Status Register 0
TRCOSLAR WO C10.41 OS Lock Access Register
TRCOSLSR RO C10.42 OS Lock Status Register
TRCPDCR RW C10.43 Power Down Control Register
TRCPDSR RO C10.44 Power Down Status Register
TRCACVRn RW C10.45 Address Comparator Value Registers 0-7
TRCACATRn RW C10.46 Address Comparator Access Type Registers 0-7>
TRCCIDCVR0 RW C10.47 Context ID Comparator Value Register 0
TRCVMIDCVR0 RW C10.48 VMID Comparator Value Register 0
TRCCIDCCTLR0 RW C10.49 Context ID Comparator Control Register 0
TRCITATBIDR RW C10.50 Integration ATB Identification Register
TRCITIDATAR WO C10.51 Integration Instruction ATB Data Register
TRCITIATBINR RO C10.52 Integration Instruction ATB In Register
TRCITIATBOUTR WO C10.53 Integration Instruction ATB Out Register
TRCITCTRL RW C10.54 Integration Mode Control Register
TRCCLAIMSET RW C10.55 Claim Tag Set Register
TRCCLAIMCLR RW C10.56 Claim Tag Clear Register
TRCDEVAFF0 RO C10.57 Device Affinity Register 0
TRCDEVAFF1 RO C10.58 Device Affinity Register 1
TRCLAR WO C10.59 Software Lock Access Register
TRCLSR RO C10.60 Software Lock Status Register
TRCAUTHSTATUS RO C10.61 Authentication Status Register
TRCDEVARCH RO C10.62 Device Architecture Register
TRCDEVID RO C10.63 Device ID Register
TRCDEVTYPE RO C10.64 Device Type Register
TRCPIDR4 RO C10.70 ETM Peripheral Identification Register 4
TRCPIDR5 RO C10.71 ETM Peripheral Identification Register 5-7
TRCPIDR0 RO C10.66 ETM Peripheral Identification Register 0
TRCPIDR1 RO C10.67 ETM Peripheral Identification Register 1
TRCPIDR2 RO C10.68 ETM Peripheral Identification Register 2
TRCPIDR3 RO C10.69 ETM Peripheral Identification Register 3
TRCCIDR0 RO C10.73 ETM Component Identification Register 0
TRCCIDR1 RO C10.74 ETM Component Identification Register 1
TRCCIDR2 RO C10.75 ETM Component Identification Register 2
TRCCIDR3 RO C10.76 ETM Component Identification Register 3
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