C10.4 Trace Configuration Register

The TRCCONFIGR characteristics are:

Controls the tracing options.
Usage constraints
  • This register must always be programmed as part of trace unit initialization.
  • Only accepts writes when the trace unit is disabled.
Available in all configurations.

TRCCONFIGR is a 32-bit RW trace register.

See C10.1 ETM register summary.

Figure C10-3 TRCCONFIGR bit assignments
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Reserved, res0.
RS, [12]

Enables the return stack. The possible values are:

0Disables the return stack.
1Enables the return stack.
TS, [11]

Enables global timestamp tracing. The possible values are:

0Disables global timestamp tracing.
1Enables global timestamp tracing.
Reserved, res0.
VMID, [7]

Enables VMID tracing. The possible values are:

0Disables VMID tracing.
1Enables VMID tracing.
CID, [6]

Enables context ID tracing. The possible values are:

0Disables context ID tracing.
1Enables context ID tracing.
Reserved, res0.
CCI, [4]

Enables cycle counting instruction trace. The possible values are:

0Disables cycle counting instruction trace.
1Enables cycle counting instruction trace.
BB, [3]

Enables branch broadcast mode. The possible values are:

0Disables branch broadcast mode.
1Enables branch broadcast mode.
Reserved, res0.
Reserved, res1.

The TRCCONFIGR can be accessed through the external debug interface, offset 0x010.

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