C10.35 ID Register 3

The TRCIDR3 characteristics are:



  • Whether TRCVICTLR is supported.
  • The number of cores available for tracing.
  • If an exception level supports instruction tracing.
  • The minimum threshold value for instruction trace cycle counting.
  • Whether the synchronization period is fixed.
  • Whether TRCSTALLCTLR is supported and if so whether it supports trace overflow prevention and supports stall control of the processor.
Usage constraints

There are no usage constraints.

Available in all configurations.
See C10.1 ETM register summary.
Figure C10-34 TRCIDR3 bit assignments
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Indicates whether TRCSTALLCTLR.NOOVERFLOW is implemented:

0TRCSTALLCTLR.NOOVERFLOW is not implemented.
NUMPROC, [30:28]

Indicates the number of cores available for tracing:

0b000The trace unit can trace one processor, ETM trace unit sharing not supported.

Indicates whether stall control is implemented:

1The system supports processor stall control.

Indicates whether TRCSTALLCTLR is implemented:

1TRCSTALLCTLR is implemented.

This field is used in conjunction with SYSSTALL.

SYNCPR, [25]

Indicates whether there is a fixed synchronization period:

0TRCSYNCPR is read-write so software can change the synchronization period.
TRCERR, [24]

Indicates whether TRCVICTLR.TRCERR is implemented:

1TRCVICTLR.TRCERR is implemented.
EXLEVEL_NS, [23:20]

Each bit controls whether instruction tracing in Non-secure state is implemented for the corresponding exception level:

0b0111Instruction tracing is implemented for Non-secure EL0, EL1 and EL2 exception levels.
EXLEVEL_S, [19:16]

Each bit controls whether instruction tracing in Secure state is implemented for the corresponding exception level:

0b1011Instruction tracing is implemented for Secure EL0, EL1 and EL3 exception levels.

Reserved, res0.

CCITMIN, [11:0]

The minimum value that can be programmed in TRCCCCTLR.THRESHOLD:

0x004Instruction trace cycle counting minimum threshold is 4.

The TRCIDR3 can be accessed through the external debug interface, offset 0x1EC.

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