C10.53 Integration Instruction ATB Out Register

The TRCITIATBOUTR characteristics are:

Sets the state of the output pins shown in the following table.
Usage constraints
  • Available when bit[0] of TRCITCTRL is set to 1.
  • The value of the register sets the signals on the output pins when the register is written.
Available in all configurations.
See C10.1 ETM register summary.
Figure C10-52 TRCITIATBOUTR bit assignments
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For all non-reserved bits:

  • When a bit is set to 0, the corresponding output pin is LOW.
  • When a bit is set to 1, the corresponding output pin is HIGH.
  • The TRCITIATBOUTR bit values always correspond to the physical state of the output pins.
Reserved. Read undefined.
BYTES, [9:8]
Drives the ATBYTESMn[1:0] output pins.
Reserved. Read undefined.
Drives the AFREADYMn output pin.
Drives the ATVALIDMn output pin.

The TRCITIATBOUTR can be accessed through the external debug interface, offset 0xEFC.

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