C11.3 CTI Device Identification Register

The CTIDEVID characteristics are:

Describes the CTI component to the debugger.
Usage constraints

The accessibility of CTIDEVID by condition code is:

- - - - RO RO

C11.2 External register access permissions to the CTI registers describes the condition codes.

CTIDEVID is in the Debug power domain.
See the register summary in C11.1 Cross trigger register summary.
Figure C11-1 CTIDEVID bit assignments
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Reserved, res0.

INOUT, [25:24]

Input and output options. Indicates the presence of an input gate. The possible values are:

0b00CTIGATE does not mask propagation of input events from external channels.
0b01CTIGATE masks propagation of input events from external channels.

Reserved, res0.

NUMCHAN, [21:16]

Number of channels implemented. This value is:

0b00100Four channels implemented.

Reserved, res0.

NUMTRIG, [13:8]

Number of triggers implemented. This value is:

0b01000Eight triggers implemented.

Reserved, res0.


Maximum number of external triggers implemented. This value is:

0b00000No external triggers implemented.

CTIDEVID can be accessed through the external debug interface, offset 0xFC8.

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